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Subtitles: Released Yozakura Quartet – 01

This one took a while for some reason…

I have decided to do a No Sponsor version and a Sponsored version of the subtitles. For .smi files, treat them like a .ssa file and it should work fine. The recommended method of using the file is to rename the raw or the sub file into the same name (still keeping the extensions of course) and playing it with most players.

Remember please that these are speed subs.

Yozakura Quartet – 01.smi

No Sponsor
Yozakura Quartet -01 No Sponsor.smi

Please leave a comment as you take the sub 😀

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Subtitles First Release! Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka – 01

I will be posting speed subs that will be in .smi file format for animes that don’t get subbed quickly.

Please keep this in mind, These are SPEED SUBS. They are not meant to be kept and please dont complain that I suck at English even though I am x_x.

The first release is the first episode of Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka.
Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka – 01

This is a .smi release. Which means that it only contains the subtitles.
This is a NO SPONSOR release. Please find a raw that does not have sponsors, name the .smi file the same name and you should be able to see the subtitles.

Please leave some love(comments) I will be happy and keep on subbing XD

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Clannad After Story – 01

The first episode of the anime series that I am most looking forward to is probably a good way to start out my blog. The sequel to Kyoto Animation’s Clannad that happened exactly 1 year ago in the fall season of 2007 is finally here with all the fangirls, fanboys, fangrandmas(?) cheering on the heroines to find themselves.

Clannad is an odd visual novel given that it is one of the few that does not have H-scenes (The sequel Tomoyo After does) and is still one of the most popular visual novels that I have tried and played. Now with all the expectation that KyoAni and Key will amaze me again, the first episode.

I like how the dream sequence is shown, although it might confuse people that have not seen the old series (in which I HIGHLY recommend you to) or play the game.

Nice Nagisa. Gimme 5.

Goodbye window. I ❤ the /facepalm moment xD

OP: Toki wo Kizamu Uta by Lia

I was actually quite suprised by the new OP but I have to say that the tone and feel of the song really matched the OP sequence and after story in general. In short, I loved it 100%.

So this is somewhat like the bonus part in which they play baseball and Kyoani really doesnt fail in baseball episodes for some odd reason it is always awesome.

The old drama club room is always a good sight to see…

Translation: “Sunohara wants to do something H with you.” Oh boy you can tell that this is going to be an awesome season full of Sunohara abusing action.

And Tomoya gets more people for baseball


and Misae

The troubled path between Tomoya and his father still remains and is actually quite saddening to see him like this.

KYAA Mei-chan is back! *screams like a fangirl…* I swear I’m not a lolicon. -_-

If you guys lose… You will have Sanae’s bread… Oh dear…

Poor Sunohara

Akiho has been injured and will be replaced with Nagisa….what what? o_O

Yoshino has turned weird compared to the last season but he has more of a character now.

They won in the end!

ED: TORCH by Lia

I personally didn’t like the ED as much as the OP but it was still “okay” I wish they still had Dango Daikazoku. I never get sick of the song.

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Hello world!

Just a new anime blog within that giant sea that is WordPress \=.=\ . Will be posting batch series reviews for a bit then will be heading toward the new season.