Who am I?

The title says it all. I am a Korean otaku that actually lives in America due to college and other issues. I will pretty much watch anything with a mild bit of fanservice, lots of action but also has a good story in the end even if it means to watch an anime that is so old that I have to buy VHS tapes o_o.

I blog about current anime, finished anime, doujin games I have played and anything else I can think of and have watched/read/played. I also see people’s recommendations and see how they are for myself and end up enjoying most of them ^=^.

Unfortuately due to my crappy Japanese, I watch in Korean thanks to those fansubbers 😀

Most of my Battle.net alias is NanashiroNanami, so I’m always up for a DOTA game. just make sure to message me 😀

I will assume another name while posting subtitles as NanashiroNanami as of now.



  1. lulz fanservice. me too. ;_;

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